View Full Version : Mid Week Play (7/14/03)

07-15-2004, 05:47 AM
I snuck out to On-Target for a bit of mid-week speedball last night. Unfortunately I only got 2 games in before the torrential rain and lightning returned. Just long enough to get all of my gear wet and dirty again. :(

The quality of play definitely goes up on weekdays, as only the hardcore speedballers turn out at this field. I did pretty well...3/1 in 2 games.
The team of guys I was with in the second game was great. Superb communication. If you said "back right is gone" they'd repeat it in order to make sure that everyone on the squad was aware.

Communication is life in speedball.

Anyway, I got a rain-coupon for free admittance to the field at a later date.