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11-02-2007, 10:47 AM
I know a few of you work at BofA so I thought I would ask. My brother opened an account in Washington a year ago or so and has since moved to Oregon. Now Oregon says they cant talk to the Washington banks so they best thing for my brother to do was to just close out his account in washington and open a new account in Oregon.

So he pulled out all the funds except what was needed to cover what was still coming in to his Washington account and opened a Oregon account. No problems.

A month later he still has a check out there for $28.00 that hasnt come in and he was concerned that he was going to get charged a service fee since he has such a low amount in the account, which would make the check bounce, which cost more money and headaches.

Everyone he has talked to in Washington wont waive the service charge, and has been pretty much of no use what so ever saying to basically just waite for the check to clear and to make sure there are enough funds in the account.

Seemed pretty odd since here at my local BofA folks are nice, friendly, and willing to help out but WA seems to be pretty much just thats the way it is no ifs ands or buts about it.

Is Washington really on a complete seperate system, where they cant work with other BofA banks?

11-02-2007, 06:37 PM
The answer is Yes it is a seperate system due to reason I dont have enough space to tell. I would have your brother call the 800 # and talk to a manger and explain the issue. This bank is so huge, sometimes it doesn;t get out of its own way. A branch manger also should be able to help too. If not, ask to speak to a regional manger. Keep me in the loop, but IT guys dont get far with Bank folks either.