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    ColorSmile Guild Application -- Protection Warrior -- Kwirbminator

    Tell us about you:

    Your "Real Life" Age and Occupation: 24, EB Games/GameStop Store Manager.. and I'm a chick, so w00t!

    Availabilty for Raids: I'm the manager, I'll cater to the guild's runs and rearrange my schedule for it. Week of Christmas and New Years will be retail hell though. Since big name releases usually on a Tuesday, Monday nights can be a bitch.

    Past guilds, and why you left each:
    Circle of Avatars (levelling Guild)
    Fas Avatarii (non-raiding guild)
    Trucido In Silentium (now an alt guild, took members and joined Mystics for PVE progression-- it's Latin for "Slaughters in Silence")
    Mystics (fell apart when server transfers occurred)
    Diesel (it... exploded.)
    Leet (for kicks)
    currently in Avatars of the Phoenix

    Past Raid Experience:
    All of BC up to Sunwell, got to tank Illidan but never downed him with the guild 10/25 man Naxx, 10/25 man Malygos, heroics 10man ToC, attempted 25man ToC (phaled), 10/25man Onyxia, 10/25man VoA, 10/25man OS

    Interest: (Hard Core Raiding/Regular Raiding/Social Raiding/PVP)
    Regular/Hardcore raiding. I'm tired of new expansion packs before I experience all the content. I've grown weary of children who bastardize the game and treat other players like they aren't people. I'm a firm believer in PVE progression while respecting your teammates.

    How long have you been playing? (/played)
    Since 2007

    Your email address:

    Tell us about your raiding main:
    Kwirbminator... formerly Kwirbtanka
    Main Spec is Protection... I love the idea of tiny gnomes tanking ridiculously large mobs... it's fantastic.

    Character Name:


    Raid Spec:
    (dual spec) Fury (my dps is terrible and my gear is sub par)

    Link to the WOW Armory:

    Lol... Kara? SSC? BWL... I still have the level 60 Ony neckpiece haha.

    Alts if any:
    Kwirbkilla, warlock + a bunch of other Kwirb_somethings

    What are your professions? Are there any notable/exciting craftables that you can make?
    Enchanting / Engineering

    I have Mongoose! haha, old school but not everyone had it BC. I can make the tanking gun for Level 80. I can make helicopters!

    What mods do you currently have installed?
    - TankPoints
    - Omen
    - Outfitter
    - DBM
    - Recount
    - Decursive
    - QuestHelper
    - TomTom

    Do you have ventrillo installed?

    Do you have a working microphone and know how to use it?
    Yes, though the feedback can be obtrusive since its imbedded into my speakers.

    IMPORTANT - What is your favorite non-combat pet?
    Frosty, the WOTLK collector's pet. It makes people QQ, I love it! And, my D.I.S.C.O. Ball, even though its not a pet.

    Miscellaneous - and probably most important section of all:

    Why do you want to join the August Knights?
    I have a good friend in there, Lundergaard. Known him for almost all my WoW life, haha. He's a good guy with great integrity, and if he has nothing but good things to say about this guild, then I would want nothing else than to join. Also, Toolzy is my brother IRL and I've always managed to find myself guilded with him, haha, so here's hoping we both get recruited. I've heard the team work in this guild is superb, and I would love to rank myself among some of the finest raiders in Azgalor.

    Do you know any current August Knights members who would be willing to vouch for you?

    If you could have one "final meal" on earth, what would it be?

    What are the last three books you read, and what did you think of each?

    The Catcher in the Rye, -- It always shocks me that this is the madman's book since I've read it about 12 times since I was in elementary. Trying to decipher it and correlate the protagonist to real people who commit unforgiveable crimes.

    Dante's Inferno, -- which is really a collection of narrative/poetic imagery. It made more sense to me now than when I was an undergraduate studying it.

    HPeathly Hollows, -- I cried when *insert spoiler*. Really I did. He was my favorite character... the ending was everything I wanted it to be except for when *insert spoiler*.

    What is your all-time favorite movie, and why?

    Citizen Kane -- for how its observation is governed by the limits of immediate diegetic space and time. It is slow-paced to today's society's standards, but it's a thrill and breathtaking considering its historic roots.

    Paper or Plastic?

    Diamond Dave or Sammy?
    I have no idea what this is referring to. No lies.

    Kirk or Picard? Why?
    Kirk, because A) He's from Toronto, like me. B) He can sing in a band without actually singing. That's Pro.
    Last edited by Kwirb; 11-17-2009 at 06:41 PM. Reason: Forgot to mention WoTLK Raids haha

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    Kwirb was accepted so her app should be moved =P

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