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Thread: RIP [AK]Camelwalk

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    RIP [AK]Camelwalk

    For those not active on Facebook, I regret to announce that Brian Kelemen ([AK]Camelwalk), an August Knight since 2004, has passed away. We are putting together an AK donation for Brian's children. If you would like to contribute, please click here to send your donation to my PayPal account. I will deposit all donated funds into the account set up by Brian's family at Nevada State Bank. Alternatively, you are welcomed to call Nevada State Bank at 800-727-4743 to ask about donating directly to the account called "Donation Account for the children of Brian Kelemen." Thank you.

    Brian's obituary is available here:

    Godspeed to you, [AK]Camelwalk.

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    Sad news indeed. Salute, brother.
    The sun has fallen down
    And the billboards are all leering
    And the flags are all dead at the top of their poles.

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    Very sorry to hear it. Too young.
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