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Thread: Just out of curiosity..

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    Just out of curiosity..

    I've been "thinking" about starting a keeper league over on ESPN for a couple seasons now. I'm currently in a league now that is "keeper", IE - you can keep a certain number of players from the previous season - but it's run privately and costs $250 a season for a franchise fee, but pays $1,500, $1,000, and $750 for top 3 teams.

    Anyways, ESPN offers Customizable Leagues for $29.99 per season (per team). You can have NFL style draft (trades, etc) and you can customize scoring, schedule, etc.

    I was just curious if anyone here would be interested in anything like that? Obviously, most people are just happy with the free Yahoo! etc for fun, and this is not a suggestion to replace anything or such. It's just an inquisition to see if anyone has any interest in anything like that.
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    Put me in the "maybe" pile. I'm in a $10 entry fee private league, a $15 pick-em pool, and have a small standing wager on the Yankees every time they play the Red Sox that'll double if they meet in the playoffs, so I'm about at my annual limit for sports gambling.

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